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Welcome to the thrilling world of trekking on the enchanting Asinara Island, a protected gem nestled in the heart of the National Park. Blu Mare Service invites you to explore its natural and cultural treasures through unforgettable walking adventures.

Asinara boasts a sleek and captivating shape, traversed by a main concrete road stretching approximately 25 km from Fornelli in the south to Cala d’Oliva in the north. This scenic route allows you to fully immerse yourself in the island’s atmosphere, enabling close encounters with its rich biodiversity and the fascinating human settlements of Fornelli, Tumbarino, Cala Reale, and Cala d’Oliva.

The Park’s themed trails, connected to the main road, offer an even more immersive experience. These paths, mostly traced on existing dirt roads and mule tracks, allow you to explore the most suggestive and hidden corners of the island, showcasing its pastoral past and offering breathtaking panoramic views.

The best seasons to venture onto the Asinara trails are spring and autumn, when the weather is mild and nature awakens or transforms in all its beauty. During the summer, high temperatures and lack of shade make the trails less advisable for extended hikes, but you can book one of our excursions by Sailboat, Motorboat, or 4×4 Off-road for that period.

Thanks to the expert guidance of Blu Mare Service, you can experience a unique trekking adventure on Asinara, enriched with insights into the history and biodiversity of the Island Park. From the legends of ancient ruins to the breathtaking views of the coasts, each step will bring you closer to the unspoiled beauty of this Mediterranean paradise.

Prepare to uncover the hidden secrets of Asinara through our hiking trails such as the suggestive Granite Trail or the White Donkey Trail.

The Granite Trail

The White Donkey Trail

The Muflone Trail