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Pescaturismo Asinara - Barca
Fish Tourism to Asinara with Antonio 1° boat

A new idea of experiential tourism
An unconventional holiday, a new adventure, an everlasting memory, experiencing the sea not as common bathers, but with an extra oomph thanks to our expert fishermen, who will teach you every secret of their special world. We are talking about a brand-new idea of tourism that will give you unforgettable moments: choosing Fish Tourism on Asinara island means you can experience a day of boating amidst sun and sea without ever getting bored, and you can share it with your friends and family. The good of Fish Tourism is exactly this: having fun while learning, seeing another shade of the sea through the fishermen’s eyes.

What we are offering is another kind of experiential tourism, born to the change that has concerned tourists. Nowadays, not everybody longs for a holiday spent on the beach, dozing off in a beach chair in complete idleness. Somebody needs something more: they want to go back home holding the certainty that something unique and unbelievable has happened, they want to have something to tell their friends about, they don’t want to be background actors, but the main characters of their own holidays. From this point of view, travelling means both growing and having fun.

Don’t look at the sea. Live the sea!


How the Fish Tourism to Asinara takes place

Cala Reale Asinara
Cala Reale – Asinara

9:00 am – Departure from Porto Torres to Cala Reale. It takes an hour to reach the fishing point where the nets or pots, lowered the day before by our fisherman, will be lifted, and the guests will be able to take part in the removal of the fish from the nets. The fish will be cleaned and gutted afterwards, to be cooked and served as lunch main course. The Captain will entertain the guests with tales about the fishing techniques and the traditions which characterise fishermen’s profession.

The itinerary continues to Cala Reale, first stopover of the tour and location of Asinara National Park, situated on the northern side of the island. Here we find a small port that has been an essential landing place over the centuries.
Here you can see:

  • buildings dating back to the period in which the island was a quarantine station (Lazaretto) and hosted a penal colony;
  • Cala Reale Cappelletta (cosy church);
  • the Austro-Hungarian Ossuary in CampuPerdu, which holds the remains of many soldiers who died of disease while kept prisoners on the island;
  • the wreck of a Roman navis oneraria (a merchant vessel) dating back to the fourth century AD, employed to carry fish preserves from the Iberian Peninsula to Rome.

We will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful rarest “white donkey” (Equus asinus var. albina),symbol of the Park, and visit the Sea Turtle Recovery Centre (Ticket price 3€), marvel of the Mediterranean Sea.

The stopover in Cala Reale lasts about one hour and a half.

Cala del Bianco - Asinara
Cala del Bianco – Asinara

At the end of the first stopover we will reach Cala Barche Napoletane. Here the guests could enjoy a bath in the clear and crystalline waters of the Park.

After a refreshing swim, the itinerary continues to our third stopover: Cala d’Oliva, in the very north-east of Asinara island. The namesake small port is one of the main landings in Asinara together with Cala Reale and Fornelli. Cala Reale’s main characteristics are the two stunning white-sand beaches – one of which called Sa Murighessa (or “beach of the prisoners”) lying south of the promontory, and the other closer to the port and the town, which is the only populated place on the island. Right behind this town we can see the former penal colony buildings, which now host the Park headquarters: Park Authority and Environmental Education Centre.

The stopover lasts about one hour.

The last stopover will take us to Cala del Bianco to have a refreshing swim in the crystalline waters. An excellent lunch will follow, and our chef will superbly cook fresh caught fish for you. Starters, wine, water, coffee, digestif, typical Sardinian liquours and spirits, and fruits will be served.

At about 5:00 PM we will get back to Porto Torres: return is expected at 6:00/6:30 PM.


How much does the Fish tourism to Asinara cost?

Adults € 90
Children €70 (from 3 to 12 years)
Exclusive rental €1080
  • Free admission for children up to 2 years
  • Max number of passengers aboard: 12
  • Lunch and beverage INCLUDED
  • Municipal landing tax fee on the island of Asinara – € 5.00 INCLUDED
Regular € 100
Children €80 (from 3 to 11 years)
Exclusive rental €1200
  • Free admission for children up to 2 years
  • Max number of passengers aboard: 12
  • Lunch and beverage INCLUDED
  • Municipal landing tax fee on the island of Asinara – € 5.00 INCLUDED


Everything you need to know before leaving

Daily departures from Porto Torres.
It is recommended to show up at least 20 minutes before departure

  • Departure* – 9:00 AM
  • Return* – 6:00/6:30 PM
  • Max number of passengers aboard: 30/45
  • Booking is required

*Stops, timetables and itineraries may be subject to variation due to the weather conditions and at the captain’s decision.


  • Beach towel
  • Mask and flippers
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses
  • Cap
  • Sandals

Be comfortable,
We will think about the rest!

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Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed in Asinara National Park.


If you’d like to book a boat trip to Asinara fill in the form or phone us: we will be at your disposal for every information.

*Reservations by email or by phone must be confirmed by the staff.

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