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4x4 Off-road sunset tour to the Asinara National Park

The 4×4 off-road sunset excursion is something magical and special that you should try at least once in your life. You will have the opportunity to explore some of the most evocative viewpoints of the Asinara when the sun disappears below the horizon, allowing us to appreciate even more the natural beauty of the park.

An aesthetic experience that captures the soul, kissed by the sweet orange glow of the sun that plunges into the sea and greets the day.

We will conclude this wonderful experience with a tasty aperitif.

  • Excursion duration: 3 hours
  • Max passengers on board: 8
  • Reservation is mandatory
  • It is necessary to stay 1 night on the island

How much does the 4x4 sunset tour cost?

Adults € 50
Children €40 (from 4 to 9 years)
  • Max passengers on board: 8
  • It is necessary to stay 1 night on the island, contact us for more informations
  • Municipal landing tax on the island of Asinara from 1st June to 30th September: € 5.00 while from 1st October to 31st May: € 2.50
How to book the 4x4 off-road sunset tour

If you’d like to book a 4×4 sunset tour to Asinara National Park, please fill in the form or phone us: we will be at your disposal for every information.

*Reservations by email or by phone must be confirmed by the staff.



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