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Asinara National Park Tour

Asinara National Park Tour


There’s no better way to enjoy the beauties of Asinara than going for a boat trip.
Thanks to our deep knowledge of the sea and coasts of the island, you’ll have the possibility to visit the most exclusive and pure bays in the National Park of Asinara, such as Cala Reale, Cala Trabuccato, Cala Barche Napoletane, Cala del Bianco, and Cala d’Oliva. You will be able to taste freshly caught fish, to live in first person the experience of Fish Tourism, and to discover the wildest corners of the area thanks to our 4×4 tours.
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escursione in barca a vela

Leaving from Stintino, we’ll reach the most stunning coves of Asinara: four stopovers that will leave you breathless…


Half-day mini tour with three swim stops from the boat in the area between La Pelosa (Stintino) and the splendid natural pools of Isola Pian…


Professional nature and geomarine guides will lead you to the discovery of the island, and of the typical flora and fauna…

asinara trekking
Trekking on Asinara Island

Explore Asinara along the Granite Trail: panoramic views, geology, biodiversity, and history make this adventure unforgettable.


A new idea of experiential tourism, take part in the nets lifting, learn how to extricate fish, and then enjoy an excellent fresh fish meal…

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Why choose us?

For over 10 years with great passion for the sea and nature we make excursions to Asinara and there are thousands of people who live this experience with us every summer, we share the concept of responsible and sustainable tourism. We have cared for our island more than anything else and we like the idea of ​​sharing its beauty with tourists from all over the world.
Thanks to them this year we obtained the certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor and with these principles Bluemare Service received the environmental quality certificate of the network of parks and protected areas of Sardinia.

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Blumare Service ha ottenuto il marchio di qualità ambientale del Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara per la valorizzazione di prodotti e servizi sostenibili.
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